How to create a logo for my company

How to create a logo? What do I have to avoid when designing a logo for my company? Do you need help creating your logo?

How to create a logo for my company

Today we are going to tell you about the importance of logo design for our company, and why  we have to trust professionals when creating one .

The  logo  is what makes your customers associate your company with your products or services. Making a good impression is essential  to creating a brand for the future.

Today, we will see examples of how to design a logo, for this we are going to create a fictitious brand that will be called:  Benidorm Web Design .

What do I have to take into account when designing a logo for my company Web Design Benidorm?

color choice

One of the most common mistakes is to use a dark color on a dark background, which means that it is not visible and causes frustration:

Web Design Benidorm (The choice of color in the logo)

Web Design Benidorm (The choice of color in the logo)

Typography and spaces

Depending on the type of font we use, our logo may be affected by reducing it or making it smaller, so we must take into account: the thickness of the font and the spaces between letters.

On the left side of the example we use the well-known  Letter Gothic Std font , and on the right side  Roboto .

Web Design Benidorm (The choice of the font in the logo)

Web Design Benidorm (The choice of the font in the logo)

I recommend you visit  Google Fonts , here you will find countless fonts that you can download and use on your website.

element overloading

A logo loaded with elements could be too “baroque” and achieve the opposite effect to that desired. We show you an example below:

cargalogo 1

Web Design Benidorm (A simple logo, much better and more professional)

The combination of colors and final result

As a recommendation, we like to combine several colors, since if we do it in one color it is very unique.

You have to use colors that do not produce a feeling of fatigue when viewed, either because they are very light, or because of what we mentioned at the beginning, light tones are mixed with light, and dark with dark.

In this case, since the logo is simple and does not allow us to assign a color to it, we have added another color to the font, this being the final result of our fictitious brand  Design Web Benidorm .

The final result of our example brand: Web Design Benidorm

The final result  of our fictitious brand:  Benidorm Web Design

Apart from all these small recommendations, it is very important that everything is well centered and that the set of elements is easy to see and, above all, to remember.

February 02, 2022