Logo: Tips and Concepts

Do you want to know some tips to create a good logo for your company? Do you want to create a successful brand? Follow our advice!

Logo: Tips and Concepts

A few weeks ago, we created a post about how to create a logo for my company . Today we will go into more detail and explain the different logo concepts, giving some well-known brands as examples.

The basics of the logo

Designing a logo may seem easy and fast, but beware, making a good quality logo has its difficulties.

The logo that will represent your company must reflect the values ​​of your brand , through the use of shapes, colors and fonts, keeping in mind that the most important objective is RECOGNITION .

If it is done well, we will obtain the expected results and we will obtain benefits, if not, quite the opposite.

Next I will explain the different types of logos that can be created.

Logo: Graphic symbol formed by letters 

Acer, brand manufacturer of computers and computer products

Acer, brand manufacturer of computers and computer products

Imagotype: It is the set of text and symbol that are differentiated and can work separately

Nike, clothing design, footwear, sports...

Nike, clothing design, footwear, sports...

Isotype: It is the visual representation of a brand, we recognize it at a glance.

Apple, Designs and produces electronic equipment, software...

Apple, designs and produces electronic equipment, software...

Isologo: Text and icon are unified in a single element. They are indivisible parts.

Lollipops, produce candies with a stick

Lollipops, produce candies with a stick

Main features to consider

  • Simplicity; It helps us make it easily recognizable. Look for a color palette in which the values ​​of the brand are represented, choose a main color and a complementary color in addition to their analogs. Easy to read typography, avoid gradients or reflections.
  • Memorable; must be recognized and remembered, that inspires confidence.
  • Flexible and timeless; it must have the ability to change in the environment and not lose its personality.
  • vector; this is essential to be able to use it in printed and digital formats.

Where to start designing?

Before you start designing the logo, you have to get to know your client a little better, so we recommend that you ask them some questions, such as: Main audience your services are aimed at (Target), characteristics of the company, existing corporate identity, style preferences.

Once you have collected as much information as possible, it is time to give way to creativity.

What programs can I use to digitize a logo?

Personally we work with Adobe, specifically with Adobe Illustrator.

It is a very simple and easy to use program, and it allows you to digitize any sketch quickly.

We include a video tutorial of davidmartimar that we have found very simple and can help you.

At BusiLevel we have professional and creative designers, if you need help to create the brand / branding of your company, do not hesitate to contact us!

February 12, 2022