QR Codes for Beginners

Do you want to know what QR codes are? What actions can be carried out with a QR code? Do you need to generate one for your business?

QR Codes for Beginners

What is a QR code? How do they work?

Today we are going to explain and comment on some things about QR Codes, what uses are given to them and what can be done with them.

What are QR codes used for?

Simply put, QR codes are a storage medium , like a USB stick or hard drive on your computer. It can be printed on a sheet of paper or displayed on a screen. However, not much content can be stored on it.

Version 40 of the QR code (the largest size) has a maximum of 2.9 KB.

Speaking in pure storage terms, 2.9KB is small. If we make a comparison, the camera of your mobile will have about 10-12 Megapixels and will take pictures of about 3 MB in size. That is 1000 times larger than the data that can be stored in a QR code.

Therefore, QR codes usually store letters and numbers in sequence .

Why would you want to store letters and numbers? Let's look at some examples of how they are used and find out why:

  • for business cards
  • Menu cards in restaurants
  • ID for event tickets
  • print advertising
  • digital wallets
  • product packaging
  • Travel or other types of tickets for clearance and entry.

We have also been able to verify how some developer has been able to embed an entire game, watch this video   other ways in whichQR codesare used . 

In short, it is used to carry digital information from a physical medium to a digital device.

How do they work?

There is a long and technical version of this answer and a short version that we will explain next:

They work by opening your phone's camera and capturing the full QR code within the defined frame. 

If you have an iPhone, the native camera app has it built in. Some Android phone makers are starting to catch up on this great (and much needed nowadays) idea.

On Android, we recommend this App that we find interesting and sufficient QR and barcode reader (although it has advertising, it is quite useful).

Depending on the information obtained with the scanner, different actions will be triggered, for example; add a new contact with all the information (name, surname, telephone, address, email, country), dial a phone number, send an SMS, send an email... and this would fit within the standard.

As for own or customized solutions, it could be used for endless ideas, as we saw in the previous example where a game is introduced.

How can I create a QR Code?

With a simple Google search, you will find thousands of QR code generators for simple things. But if you need a well-written and secure generator, you should probably avoid the code generated by these websites and seek professional help .

The pages that are offered as QR code generators usually embed their own URL and then carry out some kind of redirection, or malware in some cases... with the risks that this entails.

Special care must be taken with this type of “free” pages.

QR codes

Now that you know the answer to the question: How do QR codes work? QR codes are a simple and amazing tool. Who would have thought that a simple barcode alternative would change the world so much?

Today it has been a very efficient aid due to the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 disease, many bars and restaurants have been forced to implement this type of technology to offer the menu to their customers and thus avoid contact as much as possible. .

And you, what use would you give it? At BusiLevel we create and generate design QR codes for your company, of any type, personalized and with adapted actions.

If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us !

February 08, 2022