Website and Internet presence

What is the best option to create a web page? How to make a web page work? Do you need help to create your website? We solve all these doubts in this post.

Website and Internet presence

There are companies that today still do not have a space in the cloud, a corporate website because they really do not know their potential.

Many of the local companies, even at the national level, have worked with word of mouth, telephone… and this is because they do not know what benefits both web pages  and digitization have in the business field .

Reasons to create a website for your business

We are going to group the reasons into two main basic ones:

Allows you to reach more markets

Having a presence on the Internet allows us to go further, since on the Internet the limit is set by yourself.

Practical example:  Your grandfather has a wholesale potato company but since the sale of potatoes at the provincial level has always worked well with the usual companies and word of mouth, at no time has he been interested in opening a market because he has not known how to do it and is unaware of online tools.

In this case, we would be limiting the possibilities of the business, since having a web page is a window to the world and greatly expands our possibilities.

attract more customers

In the same way that we reach more markets, we get more customers and they will be able to see your product catalog just by looking at your website, you can also build loyalty by offering promotions, even sending commercial information and the possibility of creating new products based on the preferences of search for your website.

In the end, the needs of a business are the same for everyone: attract customers and display information about products or services. Therefore, having a presence on the Internet today  is essential for any company .

What is needed to create and design a web page?

Basically, you need a domain name (.com, .es, .net…), a server or hosting with basic technical specifications adapted to the required software, and the web software or website itself that will make your web page visible. .

For example, at BusiLevel we give several options to our clients, or you can contract the hosting with us, with some of our collaborators or if our client already has one or requires a specific one, we respect it as long as it fits the needs of our software.

What is the best option to create a web page?

At BusiLevel we recommend dealing with professionals who can solve any errors and who know the programming language of your website to give your business greater security in terms of possible attacks or security holes, as well as possible integrations with other companies that will grow and expand your business.

Before hiring an agency or a freelancer to develop a web page, you have to know exactly what you are hiring, what type of product and how it can affect us in terms of maintenance.

Our first recommendation

At least,  make things clear from the beginning , if you are hiring the website, for your business, the website belongs to you, and you can do with it what you want, take it to another company in the future, or sell it if you so wish.

I know of a case of a client, who has had problems when changing the hosting of his website to another company because when contracting his website, they have included it in copyright, which prevents the use of it by from other companies, and finally they have had to make a new website, more expenses, and more waste of time.


You have to know exactly what type of website is going to be created for your business.

If it is based on programs maintained by third parties such as WordPress (currently 40% of Internet web pages are based on this CMS) or on own development by the company you hire.

Depending on the needs of your business, and specifications, you will require one or the other…
keeping in mind that a personalized development in all cases will be much more expensive.

Last but not least

And to keep in mind, is that if they give you the possibility of carrying out web maintenance, accept it, since as we mentioned before, problems may arise, security attacks, plugin updates, email problems, etc.

Therefore, at BusiLevel we think that the best option to create a website is to take into account the shortcomings and needs of your company. And it must always be done with the help of professional agencies with experience in the sector .

How to make a web page work?

The most important thing, so that your page works and is positioned in search engines, is the material that you are going to include in it, taking into account that  not everything goes  and that  a study of keywords has to be carried out that allow us to position your  web page. based on the products and services you are offering.

Aesthetically,it must be a legible, professional page, without colors that can harm the eye such as yellow, bright green...

The text should not be crowded as it can make our visitors and potential customers feel confused and tired.

The loading of the web page must be fast  even with slow connections or 3G mobile data, so avoid including high-quality photographs, or heavy multimedia material, and code or libraries that are not essential for its correct operation. .

Do you need help to create your website?

At BusiLevel we have extensive experience in the web development and design sector, we quickly move to your company to find out first-hand the needs or shortcomings. Do not hesitate to contact us!

February 01, 2022